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I have something I thought of on my walk around tonight. When I first started becoming closer to God I would find myself comparing myself to others. "I'm not as strong in my faith as they are." "I'm not as far as they are." "I'm not as good at communicating how I feel about God as they are." And that's wrong. Every single Christian has a beginning. Each one! Every single Christian has been at the point where they compare themselves to others when the person they're comparing themselves to have been on that journey longer. It's like comparing cookie dough to baked cookies and saying because the cookie dough isn't as far along as the baked cookies are they're not good(not saying eat raw cookie dough but just using it as an example.). I realized today that the best examples had a start where they had to make the same decisions those who are just starting out now had to make. That's one reason why I love hearing Glen Johnson(my pastor) talk. He talks about his past, his struggles, the hard times, his experiences and how he became the man he is today.
It is a process to stop comparing yourself to others who are farther on your journey but dear friends please don't compare yourself to a baked cookie! It takes time, energy, faith, perseverance, love, encouragement, mistakes, all of that to go down this road of faith. It takes making mistakes and learning from them so you don't make them again. It takes talking to someone who's farther along in their walk and getting advice when times get tough. It's a process, don't rush the process and be disappointed in yourself because you're not as far as someone else; remember they were once cookie dough too. They once stood where you are now: unsure, scared, worried, anxious, judgmental of themselves, needing guidance. Trust that they are there to lift you up; they are not there to make you feel worse about yourself.(That part is for those who reach out to those who are beginning and encourage them to continue on their walk; sadly I know there are those who act like their journey has brought them to a place they can judge others because they're not as far.)
Anyways, dear ones don't be hard on yourself. God is working with you. He's working inside of you each and every day to make you stronger, wiser, and soon you'll be able to reach out to those who need help and assist them in this journey we have with Christ. God bless each and every person who helps those on this journey. God has not and will not forget what you've done.  :heart:
Tattoo #2 by Twilightlover2007
Tattoo #2
My sister designed this for me! The lady I went to was AMAZING! Like seriously amazing. So sweet! My sister did the outline but she-the lady who did it for me Bre Ann- added in the shading and the little bits of white to make it pop! I am IN LOVE with this tattoo! It's not done yet as I'm also going to have 4 bible verses surrounding the dove in handwritings of some of the closest people to me.
To my old friend,
There was a time I felt like our friendship had no end; that we would be friends until we went to heaven and even then on afterwards. There was a time we were practically inseparable. After everything we’d been through one would think that a bond like that couldn’t be broken. Apparently it could.
I do have a few things I am thankful for in our years of friendship. You taught me how to find the right church, how that can make all the difference in one’s walk with God. You also taught me how to be more assertive when it came to doing what was right for me-such as leaving a bad relationship before it got worse. Finally, you taught me how to walk away from things that are toxic to my walk with God.
There were things you taught me that I am not thankful for-and many such things I have been able to extract. One such thing is gossiping about people behind their backs, spreading their personal information to those who have no such need for information. The fact many of the people that I heard being slandered were once considered as close a friend as I was-if not closer at times. Many times the slandering was over the smallest and most insignificant thing, but with the way you spoke of it you made it seem like the most offensive transgression of all. What was worse is I allowed you to whisper such things into my ear and allowed those things to fester, to grow and I began to think such things of that person as well. Apparently some things never change.
That being said: I pray that one day your heart is opened the way God has opened mine. Am I sorry the way our friendship ended? Yes. Am I sorry it ended? No.
Since the ending of our friendship I have begun to embrace who it is God has created me to be. I have begun to flourish under God’s constant sunshine in my life. My walk with him may be messy, but it is there. I have begun to forgive myself of my past mistakes, of the past that once held me back, and I have begun to forgive those who once blocked me from having a flourishing relationship with God. I am in the process of surrounding myself with people that are encouraging, on fire for God and want to make a difference in this world.
There are things we all must face in life and the end of a friendship is one that no one ever looks forward to burdening themselves with, however, such an event can really be a blessing in disguise from our loving Father above. Sometimes people are only meant to be in our lives for a season, they’re not meant to be there forever. There’s something we must learn from them before we move onward on our journey. I thank you for what you have taught me and I hope one day that God opens your heart and your mind and begins the beautiful metamorphosis with your heart as well.
God bless you dear child of God.
All our lives we're taught to treat people how we want to be treated. As children we're often told to share our toys with others because we would want others to share their toys with us. As adults we're told to communicate with each other so misunderstandings don't happen because of a lack of communication. Today my heart is heavy. It hurts that many of the people in my life give so much, and yet are spit on, looked down upon, treated like they're less than everyone else because of their faith. So many people that I have been blessed to know are strong, amazingly strong Christians that I look up to more and more each day. I see their struggles and how they hold onto God through it all and I want to be like that. They open up and tell me their stories of their past hurts and struggles and it makes me want to share my story with others as well.
The sad thing is: We live in a fallen world where our kindness is not returned to us. Instead there are those who mock our faith. Who parade around saying things against us, against our God and people allow them to do so yet we're not allowed to defend ourselves-because we're Christian.
I wish...all the churches were like the one I go to-or at least similar in the foundation. My church doesn't preach hate against anyone. In fact they preach love. We're not expected to be perfect yet we're loved and encouraged to become stronger children of God. Struggles are something every Christian goes through. Whether those struggles be sexual addiction, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, anorexia, bulimia, depression, suicidal thoughts/actions, or other struggles that many people go through-many times in silence.
As Christians we are called to be a light to this world. We are called to go out to the lost and find them and share the amazing word of God with them. The word that says "I love you. I want you home." The word that directs our steps to keep us from the path of evil and helps us up when we trip and fall...Recently I shared my own testimony about the struggles I've had. It wasn't easy but being a Christian isn't easy. Listening to what God wants isn't easy. Waiting on God isn't easy. It breaks my heart that so many people don't see who God really is. How deeply he loves us.
All of us have people we love in our lives, and those we prefer not to be around and that's normal. But what's not normal is what God did for us. God let his only son, his ONLY son, his only perfect, pure son die on the cross. Not just a quick or painless death either. The way it's been described is that Jesus wasn't even recognized by the people who knew him. Think of this: Jesus could've saved himself at any time. He could've stopped the torture he went through at any time. He could've shaken off the cross and walked away saying "I'm done. You all aren't worth it." That's not what he did. No he bore the cross that was heavier than he was, and on that cross was ALL of our sins. Each and every person's sins were on that cross. All those who had been born up to then, all the people alive then, and all the people yet to be born. Think of this: there are 6 billion people in the world right now, think of just how many people's sins were on that cross that Jesus carried. Not once did he say that it wasn't fair, not once did he complain about how he hadn't done anything wrong. Not once did he curse at those beating him, spitting on him, throwing stones at him. No. Instead he carried that cross on his back to his death. He was nailed to that cross. His hands and feet pierced with nails-probably not even sharp nails and he was hung on the cross to die an innocent man.
I can't imagine the pain that Jesus was going through as he hung there on that cross. The physical pain he was in, the emotional pain he was in...I'm crying as I think about this. But with all that pain....someone is forgotten. God. God isn't some emotionless being that feels nothing for those he created-why would he send his son to die on the cross for them if he was? God LOVED his creations and LOVED his human children. So much so that he knew there was only one way for them to be reunited with him where he wanted them to be-by his side. I can't even imagine the heartbreak that God was going through watching this. He could have stopped this all at any time and said "No, my son is worth more." But he knew it was the only way to bring his children home. He watched his son get beaten, spit on, and murdered for those who hated him. For those who loved him, for those who didn't even know him. Just so we sinners would have a way to heaven.
I wish everyone could see the God that I know. The God that loves me in spite of me. The God that forgave me long before I forgave myself. The God that has broken my chains and lifted my face up from the dirt, called me his child, held me in his arms with nothing but love for me when I deserve nothing but his wrath for all I've done-for all the sins I've done. We Christians know we don't deserve what God has given us through Jesus. We are as unworthy of the gift as anyone else on this Earth; the difference is we accept the gift. We treasure it. We thank God for what he's done for us when he could have just as easily given up on us and left us to our own devices letting us destroy ourselves.
His love was and is so great for us that he wants us home. There's only one way to make it into heaven. There's no 'oh you're a good enough person so you get in.' No. We're ALL sinners. We have ALL fallen short of the glory of God. None of us deserve to go into heaven no matter how many good deeds we've done. As my pastor says: "What if the ticket into heaven was 15,000 good works and you died with 14,999. You would be one good deed short of going to heaven." Think about that.
There's only one way to get into heaven and that is accepting what Jesus did for us on that cross. It doesn't matter if you're 4 years old or 103 years old. It doesn't matter if you're black, white, tan, brown, cream, whatever other color there may be. It doesn't matter if you're homosexual, bisexual, asexual, transgender, whatever else there is. It doesn't matter if your only sin was lying or if you killed millions of people. All of us qualify for heaven if we accept what Jesus did for us.
I pray for those who don't know how Jesus loves them. I pray that they see before it's too late just how much love he has for them. That he died on that cross thinking about them, how his sacrifice would give them a chance to go to heaven instead of being separated from God forever. The God I know is a God of love. Why else would he send his child to die for us? Why else?
Unfriend me if you want but I feel this has to be said: I'm sick of Christians being made to look like we hate homosexuals. We don't! We disagree with their actions/choices. The ruling today has no impact on our faith that homosexuality is a sin. That being said, when we say something is a sin we're not judging the person for that sin, we're simply saying that what they're doing is wrong. In the bible sexual immorality is a sin, therefor I don't agree with sexual immorality either(that includes homosexual lifestyle along with having sex before marriage and many other things). But here's something you may not know: I struggle with sexual immorality in my own life. That's right. I struggle with something I don't agree with. I've seen what sexual immorality does to others and I've seen what it's done to me. It has been a struggle I've had since before I can remember. However, the one difference between someone who may not be Christian and may not like my disagreement of their choice/actions and myself is one thing: I am saved by Jesus and I have been working on my issues day by day. I've slowly gotten out of the deep dark hole I managed to dig myself into and have found the light to be brighter and brighter the closer I go toward Jesus. Jesus is not judgement, no he is a helping hand to those who search for him and ask for help. He is there for the lost who want to be found, the unwanted who want to feel what it's like to be wanted, to be loved no matter what your past. God has shown me the most amazing love I could've ever asked for. He loved me when I couldn't love myself. He forgave me when I couldn't forgive myself.
When I was 5 I was tricked into thinking sex was a game by some neighborhood kids who were older than I was. Of course I fell for it and they told me not to tell my parents, so I didn't. This continued until I was about 7 years old. By then I was pretty screwed up mentally. Having gone to church back then with my mom I do remember one service in which the pastor said that premarital sex was a sin. I remember being horrified. I don't remember any other part of the service but I remember how it felt thinking that God hated me. For a very long time I thought God wanted nothing to do with me because of what happened to me, because of what happened that was completely out of my control. I only found out differently because a friend asked me to go to church with her to see her and her sister in an Easter play. Part of me didn't want to go-still thinking that God hated me- while another part of me said to go. So I went. I remember how awkward I felt sitting there in the front row. I didn't know anyone, I felt like everyone was judging me-like they knew about my past and felt that I shouldn't be there(This was all in my mind by the way, no one actually looked at me this way). Sitting through the play I watched and listened to the service and for the first time in my life....I felt like God didn't hate me. That he loved me. That he didn't blame me for what happened to me all those years ago. That something I can't describe in words. The weight I felt lifted off my shoulders was the most amazing thing in the world. I felt like I could lift my head again, that I could look up at God and see love in his eyes not judgement and hatred for my past. I wept that day, I cried out to Jesus in a way that made my entire body ache to know him.
Starting out again as a Christian wasn't easy. It wasn't a walk in the park, not by a long shot! It took me a long time to be comfortable in church again-nothing the people in the church did it was just how I felt being there.
That feeling was broken the moment I met a dear friend who at the time I didn't know. This young woman was on FIRE for God! She spoke with such passion about him, she spoke with such LOVE for him and it made me want to be like that. I told myself 'I want to be on fire like she is!' It wasn't until I started going to Faith Center that I really started to go all out for Jesus. It's been a long process but little by little God has been helping me with my struggles with sexual immorality. Book by book and service by service I can feel my bond with God becoming stronger and stronger.
The fact is, it baffles me how people seem to think that we Christians hate other people because of their choices: WE DON'T! We make mistakes too! We stumble and fall just as much as everyone else! The difference is we're not comfortable in our sin. We fight our sin. We know that our sinful nature is wrong and the thing that will keep us away from the God we love and we don't want that. We don't give our sinful nature control of our life. We give that control over to Jesus and ask him to guide our steps-and sometimes our recovery.
I'm not asking you to become an instant Christian, I'm asking you to give us a chance. Just like in any faith there are good and there are bad Christians. The good Christians are the ones who stand on the word of God and believe in it as much as they believe in the God that created us. There are those that will twist the bible to fit what they want to believe-not work towards what the bible says they should be. Those that pick and choose from the bible because they don't like some of the things or don't agree with it. That's not who we're called to be. We're called to be children of God who stand on his word and believe it 100%. I believe in God our father, I believe in Christ the son, I believe in the Holy Spirit: Our God is 3 in 1!(From a song)
The love God has shown me has been the most amazing thing in my life. I will never turn my back on him. I may not understand his ways, why the bible is the way it is, but with what I've been through, with how many times God's saved me, held my hand back when I thought of reaching for that bottle or that knife...spoke such love and surrounded me with his love and peace...I chose to believe in him and his plans. I may not understand what his plans may be, or why things are the way they are, but I do chose to trust in him, to trust that his plans have a purpose even if I don't understand them. I chose to believe that God loves us, he hates our sin for it is what keeps us from him, but he loves us more than we could ever imagine. The agape love he has for us is more than any human can give another human. Please, all I'm asking is for you to give God a chance. Let him show you who he really is, not who Hollywood, fake Christians, backslidden Christians or even your parents said he was. Let him show you the real God. You won't regret it, I can promise you that.
Testamony from the heart
I felt the need to post this, especially with what's been going on the past few days. My heart aches for those Christians being attacked right now. Please stay strong my brother's and sisters; God's got us in his hands and he'll protect us. God will never leave our side, his word still stands true. It's sad we live in such a fallen world but just wait until we're in Heaven and in the perfect world he made for us! :heart:


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Hello everyone! My name is Tasha, I've been drawing off and on for a few years. My inspiration mostly comes from God and from nature. My church has been an amazing part of my life, they are what's kept me going through some of the hardest times of my life. I am firmly planted in my faith and I will never be ashamed nor shaken from my faith. My God is my God and he will forever be by my side. I do not agree with homosexuality(hate me if you wish) but that doesn't mean I ever would wish ill will upon those who were homosexual. You can love someone without agreeing with their actions.

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